Jérôme Lacoste loves to ski. So much so that he’s spent his whole life in the mountains, surrounded by snow. We thought we’d grab him for a demi and dig a little deeper into his world and passion…

Jérôme’s been a ski instructor for over 28 years – with the last 18 of those, spent in Courchevel. Now, a ski instructor for Magic, he knows the resort and the slopes like the back of his hand.

Name: Jérôme Lacoste

Nationality: French

Nickname: Djé

Resort: Courchevel

Teaches: Ski

Favourite skis: I love testing out all types of skis. As long as they’re a minimum length of 190cms, I’m happy. Oh, and slalom skis of course!

Favourite piste in Courchevel: Jockeys. It is a black run towards Le Praz and La Tania, which is recognised as being particularly great for carving. It’s really steep and divided by bits of forest, so it’s pretty diverse and lots of fun, especially when the snow is in perfect condition.

Favourite place to ski on days off: Champagny en Vanoise. It’s a beautiful area found between Courchevel and La Plagne, which is small and quiet, so there aren’t as many tourists.

Dream ski destination: Caucasus. What can I say, I just love being in the mountains!

Favourite food: Tete de Veau. [That’s veal’s brain to those who can stomach the thought.] It might not sound appealing to some – especially the British – but it is delicious. Definitely worth trying if you have the chance.

When did you learn to ski? When I was 4 years old. I come from a ski resort in the Pyrenees near the Col de Tourmalet, which many will know for the Tour de France. Because I grew up in the mountains, I’ve been lucky to have always been on skis.

Why did you become a ski instructor? I simply could not imagine a life without being on the snow.

How long have you been in Courchevel? 18 years. I live here all-year-round. Lot’s of ski instructors move away in the summer or change resorts, but I like the quieter pace of life and community here. What’s more, I have so much opportunity to explore the peaks in the summer, and because I’ve lived here so long, I know the mountains like the back of my hand.

Which is your favourite restaurant in Courchevel? Cave des Creux. Just try it.

What’s the best thing about your job? It is my passion. I love teaching and offering my knowledge to other skiers. What could be better than getting paid to ski?

… and the worst? It is definitely skiing in the rain. No one likes that. The snow isn’t in the best condition at all and it can be quite miserable.

Which are your favourite lessons to teach? Teaching slalom is the best as I love skiing at great speed. It really makes you work hard on your technique and gets the adrenaline pumping – that’s my favourite type of skiing.

What’s your worst memory as a ski instructor? I once spent 5 hours on a broken chairlift with a 5-year-old girl. By the end I was almost naked because she was taken off by the helicopter whilst wearing all of my clothes to keep warm!

What are your other hobbies besides skiing? I enjoy building things, renovating boats that sort of thing. When the sun is out and there is no snow I jump on a wakeboard.

What do you do in summer? I’m a plumber for work and I like to stay active by doing a lot of sport.

Summer or winter? I don’t have a favourite as living in Courchevel all-year-round is a truly amazing life. I love Savoie, you have the winter, which speaks for itself and then the big lakes in the summer. I would not want to be anywhere else.